Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Strangling Studies

Studying for exams can really get a hold of u can't it? And i don't it's just the studying. It's the anxiety, satisfaction, adrenaline, ambition that's associated with it. It's not just about preparing for the exam. It's also linked to our career, the thought of having 4 straight H1's. Sometimes, it's the fear of disappointment that drives us on. Or even the need to attain a certain grade to keep the scholarship going. It really can be consuming. And to make things worse, to separate yourself from that during the exam periods when ure surrounded by students is not easy at all. I find i get sucked into a warped world where everything's in a hyper-time. It's like a vortex that slowly closes in when u write that last paragraph on ure final exam. swish!!

The exam climate can really be consuming at times.

I've been getting encouraging scriptures from friends lately:
Pslam 16:3
Isaiah 33:6
Psalm 73:26

Thank God for His Word and friends. I'm outta words.


Friday, May 29, 2009

On Prophesy

Commenting on 1 Thessalonians 5:20, John Calvin wrote,

By the term prophesying I do not mean the gift of foretelling the future, but as in 1 Corinthians 14:3 the science of the interpretation of Scripture, so that a prophet is the interpreter of the divine will... Let us understand prophesying to mean the interpretation of Scripture applied to the present need.
Cecil Robeck's understanding seems to best encompass the important points. He defines the New Testament prophecy as
a spontaneous manifestation of God's grace, received by revelation, (sometimes as a vision, at other times as impressions or thoughts) and spoken by the Spirit through a Christian who has been given a gift of prophecy, in the language of those who hear the prophetic word spoken."
Source: http://www.joyfulheart.com/scholar/preach.htm

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I find myself going through struggles everyday.  I mean, some days are much better than others but if you look deep enough, if you honest enough - you'll know there's something you're wrestling with.  It might be a thought, a decision, a past hurt, an uncertainty.  We experience it in our studies, in our Christian walks, at work, in the family etc. 


Just a reminder to myself though.  I've developed a habit time and again of covering up and sugar-coating everything.  Time and again these unresolved issues that have been pushed aside rear their ugly heads and there i go again - not knowing what to do.  We need to talk about them, we need to be honest, we need to talk trustworthy people about it - we need to talk to God about it. 

I am refering to the type of things we can do something about.  No matter how painful, awkward or inconvenient they may be it is much easier on ourselves to NOT bear it alone and hope that they go away.  Been there, done that - really hard to do.  I recently had one such conversation with a friend.  It was honest, friendship building and at the end...dare i say it...encouraging.   =)

But seriously, things can be so much easier. For me that day, God worked things out through an honest conversation.

Bells ringing in your head? Go deal with em'.  Jesus came to set us free.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Being With God

God moves in countless ways in situations we can only imagine. 

i'm just going to blabber on. 

Enough of the religion.  Enough of the peer pressure.  Enough of the weight of expectations and responsibilities.  Enough of the stress from uni.  Enough of trying to fake that everything's alrite. Enough of putting a mask on. 

I love being with God, taking walks with Him, chatting with Him about problems, life, prayers, dreams, people...etc. I love Him because my relationship with Him has grown.  It's developed in a way where i've realized it's at it's best when i remove every mask, quite every act and strip every facade that the human side of me tries to hold on so dearly to.  The world tells me to be strong, to have it all together and to believe in yourself.  It tells me to sell my soul so i can be happy.  

But with God, He sets us free.  Free from religion, from peer pressure, from responsibility..and all that.  

When was the last time we've been vulnerable with Him.  He has an answer for every situation.  It might not come right away but rest assured, i believe with all that I am that He is good and that He knows what He's doing.  

There's really no substitute. 


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Trust - simple but difficult

God is SO faithful.  It's taken me awhile, but more and more as I get to know Him and allow Him to have my life and everything in it, the more convinced I am that He LOVES walking this life with me.  He is sooooo willing!

We have a million things in our life we can take control of, or we can let go of it all.  ALL.  It's funny though, i realize that i always overestimate my trust-0-meter.  I think i trust God with my life, but...maybe not. 

And when those times come when God gently challenges you to give ure life to Him again, i want to be able to do just that.  It's a time in my life when i'm living it so i thought i'd write it down.  And everytime we hand it over to Him, whether it's a job, a person, a struggle...it seems we die and He increases a bit more. 

If ure struggling with trust issues, God loves you and has the best in mind.  Life's too complicated for figuring out sometimes.  Ask God for a sign/confirmation, fast..whatever.  So long as we get to that place of trust in Him, in His goodness. 


Friday, April 10, 2009

Pancake Good Friday

I had an amazing day today. 

Ben (my housemate) and I invited our urbies (UL27 rawks btw!) over for pancakes this morning.  Ok, here's the deal.  For the record, I've not had this much fun leading a group of people since...forever!  They are just amazing!  let me talk about them a bit:

We're a good good mix really.  Young and old (you know who u are).  But i'm so excited for us, we're on this journey and i see those young men and women growing up to be mighty men and women of God.  We're going to mature.  For those that do not yet know Jesus, i see the day when they do.  I see a bunch of people hungry, eager to learn and follow.  I see God at work amongst us.  I see people that are talented, gifted, willing to serve.  I see us loving each other, building family and really bearing each others burdens as we live our lives for Jesus.  We will fulfill the purpose He's called us to.  

I'm excited.